Renzo Spiteri Performance FutureEverything Festival

Immense performance by sound artist Renzo Spiteri. This was one of the free (and therefore accessible) gigd at the somewaht elitist FutureEverything Festival. The guys set up was a circular spectacle using found objects such as miked up cattle grid segments and what I initially thought was suspended mauve carpet but turned out to be a huge piece of steel that formed a centre point to the visual look of the set. Spiteri activated preprogrammed loops from a sequencer/chaos pad that were haunting repetitive vocal reverb addled snippets that were panned around the space and interrupted by physical actions such as the artist using the bow on said steel hanging to an enigmatic steel frenzy! The set lasted for 45 minutes but felt like 10 as we were fully entranced as an audience, anticipating the next movement.


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